Lead a nation in a massive, multiplayer world

A Game of Nations

Welcome to the multiplayer, open world of MiniState. Compete with other players to build the greatest nation the world will ever know. Wage war, forge alliances, conquer lands, and advance your technology to make your mark in MiniState history.

  • CONQUER: Organize armies to control strategic resources and trade routes.
  • EXPLORE: Marvel at the wonders and ruins of foreign nations.
  • FRIENDS: Sign pacts with friends and defeat foes together.
  • BUILD: Construct luxurious homes, universities, and bathrooms for your cities.
  • ECONOMY: Specialize your industries and trade with neighbors.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Research modern weaponry and advance through history.
  • EMPIRE: Enslave other players and spread your influence.
  • DESTROY: Demolish cities and wipe enemies off the map.

Early Access release on February 20, 2020.